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Flower Girl Dress Tips

Published March 4, 2015

Here comes the Flower girl… err I mean Bride! The truth is the the best part of the ceremony, besides for the bride walking down the aisle of course, is the Flower girl!

Seeing the flower girl sashay down the aisle, taking her petal dropping job very seriously, simply melts everyone’s hearts. This her big moment…and yours! For this special debut your little girl needs “the dress” that everyone will ooo and ahh over.

In your search remember that gone are the days where kids wear stiff attire to weddings ( and remember those puffy sleeves Oy vey! ). Flower Girls now a days should wear soft, demure, sweet, and angelic looking gowns that your little girl enjoys wearing too.Try a gown with a full skirt skirt, giving a princess feel. Gowns with lace are always a beautiful option giving it a more vintagey, flower child, look.

Dresses with flowers on them get your little girl excited that she truly is wearing a flower girl dress. Hair should be worn either down in loose tendrils or up in a messy bun. Adorn the hair in a crown of flowers. And don’t forget your boleros! It’s too cold for little ones too go sleeveless all day in those cold wedding halls and you don’t want to ruin the look of the dress with a drab old cardigan.

See these looks,

Happy shopping! Xoxo