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Top Flower Girl Gift For 2015

Published March 18, 2015

Wedding season is here and your precious little girl is excited about walking down the aisle in her biggest role. As a guest or family to the wedding, giving the flower girl a gift is always a nice gesture, after all, children live for gifts at any big event.  But what do you get a young girl who probably has everything and then some, especially a flower girl?

We have searched high and low and tried out many gifts including teddy bears, baskets, vanity sets, etc.  While these are all great gifts, we have discovered something even better that will please both the flower girl and her parents very much!

For 2015, we recommend the book “Pinkalicious: Flower Girl” By Victoria Kann.   The idea of this book is to get the flower girl excited about the wedding day and also her role of the flower girl. The story will explain to her exactly what a flower girl is, while pulling her deep into the wonderful adventures of becoming a flower girl.  She will be pumped and so excited!

This is a gift that will benefit the flower girl before the wedding so be sure to reach out the bride/groom if you don’t know who flower girls are.  A gift to the flower girl is especially nice from close family members of course and you could even read it with her.

There you have it, an amazing gift for the flower girl for the 2015 wedding season. We’d like to hear your ideas for gifts in the comments below.